We keep you on the road . . .

der Rally-Flyer (deutsch) als .pdf                     the Rally-Flyer  (engl.)  as .pdf

Mit diesem Link fliegst Du über                                 This link takes you for a fly over the

             Sigmaringen                                                                  city of Sigmaringen


Hier siehst Du 2 Bilder aus dem                                     Here are 2 Pictures from the

Drohnenflug. Der grüne Bereich zeigt,                         drone-flight.  The green marked

wo die Rally sein sein wird.                                             area is where the Rally will be.

  • Sig fly 1 Pl1 43
  • Sig fly 1 Pl2 43

Stadtplan Sigmaringen           Citymap of Sigmaringen


Bitte den Link anklicken !                                          Please click on the link !

In der Karte findest Du die Hotels,                   The map shows you the hotels,

      die wir reserviert haben.                                      that we have reserved .

   Anmeldeschluss war 10.4.2021  

   Rally-Booking closed on 10th of April 2021

If you pay from a non-€-country, you can send money via  transferwise.com. They charged just 3.50 GBPounds for a 560 GBPounds transfer. Have a look in the www !

Update 14-2-2021

Dear BSA-riders. We would like to give you some information on the risk of loosing money, when you book for the 58. Int.-BSA-Rally : If you book for the Rally now, it would help us to see the interest in the Rally. We made all contracts with the chance to withdraw on Corona-reasons with minimal charges. Same with the hotel-bookings. That means, that we will refund what you payed, reduced by some 3.50 GBP for the banking fees. If you book now and do not pay by the 10 th  of April we will inform you (make sure we have your e-mail address) that we take that as a withdraw and will delete you from the list of participants. If you payed and the rally is canceled later, you will be refunded according to the state of preparations. In April we will have to start ordering your rally-goodies. We will send you the things, we already have and will reduce the refund accordingly. We think, that is fair. If countries close their borders or ask returning people to stay in quarantine, we will refund your money as stated before. Same, if Germany doesn’t let you in.

We fixed the D&D and BBQ contracts. If you leave the meat, the D&D buffet is okay for vegetarians. The BBQ is now also offering vegetarian things like grilled fish and grilled vegetables and a variety of salads. All food is lactose-free and gluten-free.